About Us

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to nurture young children to be independent readers, who read for pleasure.

We also teach Mathematics, Arabic and English literacy, preparing them for Primary 1.

Our History

Back in 1996, we had a dream to make our 3-year-old child speak and read in 4 languages. So we thought up reading programmes for him. By the age of 4, he could actually read English, Arabic, Malay and Mandarin, Alhamdulillaah. We were so thrilled with the outcome that we decided to set up a school to benefit other children. Thusly, Tuffaha opened its doors in 1998.

Tuffaha’s main focus has always been on reading and literacy of Arabic and English languages. These are very vast languages, spoken with a variety of accents. Naturally, our attention has been on the standard, ‘received’ pronunciation. So, we put together reading programmes based on the dictionary accent and received rhythm. (The word ‘received’ connotes ‘generally accepted and approved as correct or true’, as in ‘received wisdom’.)

Young children are adorable when they start to read clearly with melodious voices. But there’s more to reading – these skills prepare them for school, and for life.