The Arabic course is for: 1) children going to Madrasahs, 2) children who want to take up another language, 3) adults who want to do business in the Middle East.

Level 1 – Tilawati

Tilawati 1  Arabic Phonics – Everything you need to know to read Arabic print to begin an Arabic course.

Tilawati 2  Tajweed – Step-by-step lessons in the art of reading classical Arabic.


Level 2 – Arabic 313

   313 words. We call these words, ‘Working-set Words’. With just these words, learners can start to understand a new language without being too overwhelmed by the depth and vastness of it all. They can ask questions with “Why, When, Where, Who, How?”, speak about time, numbers, albeit with  a  limited  vocabulary.  At this level,  we  simplify  the grammar, teaching it in easy, step-by-step lessons, using only 313 words. 

  In every unit, students learn 10 new words, and how to use them in conversations, with the words that they had already learnt, followed by written exercises on the grammar of the new words.

   This course starts after the Madrasah’s entrance test in April, till the end of Primary 1. At Primary 1, students come twice a week after school.

The programme is also suitable for anyone with the desire to learn Arabic.


Level 3 – ‘Talking about …’

 The objective of this course is to teach daily, practical vocabulary, and  how  to  use them  in  conversations  and compositions. Students will see how the words and phrases are used in spoken and written Arabic. New vocabulary is presented in manageable portions.

   The vocabulary includes a wide range of common topics, words and phrases used in social interactions, and areas of lexical grammar that are not covered in the ‘Arabic 313’.

   This course takes about 2 years to complete, after which, learners would be encouraged to read Arabic children’s novels.  


Ad Hoc Course

GCE ‘O’ Level Arabic Examinations

   This is not a part of the young children’s course. This is for those taking the GCE ‘O’ level Arabic examinations. This course will only commence when there is a quorum of 8 students.