Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can my child enrol?  

A: When your child is already 3 years old, and you feel that he is ready to sit through 1.5 hours in class without you, not disrupting the class by crying nor being hyperactive, and able to at least repeat after the teacher. If he’s not ready yet, he’s always welcome to try again at a later date.

Q: Can my child join in midway?

A: Yes, your child can join in at any time, and the fees will be prorated for that month.

Q: Can we use CDA?

A: Sorry, we don’t have that option.

Q: Do you teach Malay?

A: Sorry, we don’t. Malay and English phonics are almost similar. When a child can read English, he can easily adapt to reading Malay, inshaa Allaah.

Q: What’s your medium of instruction?

A: English.

Q: I want to prepare my child for the Madrasah entrance test. Would it be sufficient if my child joins the weekly Sunday class?

A: The curriculum for the weekly Sunday class doesn’t prepare your child for the Madrasah entrance test.

Q: Why is your session only 1.5 hours?

A: There is no eating nor playing time. The session is compact with Arabic and English/Maths lessons in the group class. During the 1.5 hours, the children take turns to go to another classroom for their 1-to-1 reading of Arabic and English Phonics with other teachers. Every child progresses at his own pace which is recorded daily.

Q: My child won’t be attending lessons during the June school holidays. Do we still have to pay the fees?

A: We still have lessons for most of the school holidays as our holidays are different. You don’t  have to pay if your child is not continuing. If he’s continuing, fees are still payable even if he’s absent due to being unwell or away for the holidays.

Q: When are the monthly fees due?

A: Fees are to be paid before the month starts.

Q: Is there a transport service available?

A: Sorry, we do not have any transport services.

Q: Can my child join in only at the K2 level to prepare for Primary 1?

A: Can, but it is not encouraged because your child would be in a class where most of the students can already read.

Q: Do you have any other branch?

A: Our current Branch is at Eunos, we are planning to open another branch in Woodlands by January 2020.

Q: Aren’t you teaching the children more than what is required for Primary 1?

A: With more than 20 years of experience in teaching young children, we know that laying down the reading foundation at preschool, is crucial for a childʼs success later at school. Good reading skills are required at school to excel in Mathematics, Science and a significant part of the curriculum. Many children cannot express themselves in compositions, or find lessons difficult at school, simply because of their poor reading skills.