How do we get children interested in numbers and make them good in Mathematics?

We show them how interesting numbers can be in everyday situations. When they are too young to hold a pencil and work through Maths exercises from assessment books, we do ‘Math-talk’ to ‘brain-wire’ them to like Maths.

Level 1: We introduce numbers and the Maths concepts.

Level 2: Maths-stories followed by sparingly written exercises.

Eg: “Which is cheaper, a third of a pound in A&W, or a fourth of a pound in McD, since 3 is less than 4?” An interesting discussion. Then, let them do the written exercises. This way, they appreciate Maths more.

Level 3: At this level, they understand Maths in real situations, and like playing games, Maths can be very interesting. Then, let them do the Maths exercises from the assessment books to prepare them for Primary 1.