Tilawati is the name of 2 Arabic reading books that we produced.

Book 1 guides to reading Arabic by phonics, for students who just need to know enough to start learning the Arabic language. 


Book 2 is step-by-step Tajweed, for those who want to recite the Qur-aan. At any point/unit of these books, only 1 lesson is taught at a time, and the reading exercises only use examples of words or sentences  which had been taught in the previous lessons.


Speech sounds are captured, simplified and recorded in print – the written text. Reading is to ‘play back’ the print, adding on the acoustic components which could not be captured, to reproduce the speech sound again. Although these books are carefully graduated to teach the sounds of Arabic step-by-step, it can never be complete without a teacher,  to show how the sounds are produced, or how the rhythm is expressed, because written print is just a limited representation of the sounds in a language.  

A good human voice has 3 basic qualities: enunciated, resonated and gentle. The aim of these books is to read with an accurate, natural-sounding voice with these qualities.  These books provide carefully-graduated practice, in accordance with Hafs from ʻAasim by way of Shaatibiyyah.